Sunday, 10 June 2012


"If all artists could see the crossroads of these celestial paths, 
if they could comprehend these monstrous runways and the weaving 
of our bodies with the clouds in the sky, then they would not paint chrysanthemums
Kazimir Malevitch, "From Cubism and Futurism to Suprematism: 
The New Realism in Painting", 1915

Alfred Barr, Cubism and Abstract Art Chart, 1936

André Breton, Surrealist Intrusion into the Enchanter's Domain, 1960 (thanks to Tessel)

Neue Slovenische Kunst, NSK Organizational Diagram, 1986

« It is a sort of absolute rule that everywhere, in all places, at all times of civilization, in all beliefs, by all means and in all regards, the untrue supports the true ; the true gives the untrue as its ancestor, as its cause, as its author, as its origin and its end, without exception nor remedy, and the true engenders this untrue by which it itself demands to be engendered
Paul Valery, Petite lettre sur les mythes, 1928