Saturday, 25 October 2014

There might be

"It is not necessary to look for God. Let us give him to the world! There is no God in the world, but there might be. The road of struggle for socialism... is what is meant by God-building."
Anatoly Lunacharsky 
quoted in Roland Boer -  Lenin, Religion and Theology - 2013  

Bruno Taut - View towards the East - Die Stadtkrone - 1919

Vladimir Krinski - A Temple of Machine Worshippers - 1917

Charles Demuth - Incense of a New Church - 1921

"We should not now take fright when the fruits of this optimism ripen, when the acid of this kind of culture trickles down to the very lowest levels of our society so that it gradually begins to tremble from burgeoning surges and desires, when the beliefin the earthly happiness of all, when the belief that such a general culture of knowledge is possible, gradually transforms itself into the menacing demand for such Alexandrian happiness on earth, into the invocation of a Euripidean deus ex machina!"
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy, ed. R. Geuss & R. Speirs, Cambridge, 2007, 125.

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