Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Thundering and Torrential Nature

"Without a profound complicity with natural forces such as violent death, gushing blood, sudden catastrophes and the horrible cries of pain that accompany them, terrifying ruptures of what had seemed to be immuta- ble, the fall into stinking filth of what had been elevated – without a sadistic understanding of an incontestably thundering and torrential nature, there could be no revolutionaries, there could only be a revolting utopian sentimentality.”  
George Bataille, ‘The Use Value of DAF De Sade’, in Visions of Excess, op cit, p 101

Mikalojus ─îiurlionis - Caucasus - 1905

Marsden Hartley - Evening Storm - Schoodic, Maine - 1942

Jacques-Henri Lartigue - Sala au Rocher de la Vierge - Biarritz - 1927

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