Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Unspeakable Space

When a work is at its peak in intensity, proportions, quality of execution, in perfection, 
there occurs a phenomenon of unspeakable space. 
The areas start shining, radiating, physically they radiate.
Le Corbusier, quoted by Gavin McKeeney

Giovanni Guerrini, Ernesto Bruno La Padula, Mario Romano - Palazzo Della Civiltà - 1938/1943 - by Agugiaro

Aldo Rossi - San Cataldo Cemetary - 1978/? - Picture by Gabriele Basilico 2007

Yi Architects - Stuttgart Municipal Library

"architecture is not simply construction, or even the satisfaction of material needs; it must be something more [...]. Only when a harmony of proportions is reached, inducing the observer to pause in contemplation or emotion--only then will the constructive scheme have become a work of architecture."
Giuseppe Terragni, Caro Guardiano, 23 March 1931

quoted in David Rifkind, The Battle for Modernism, 2013