Friday, 17 January 2014

Human Inertia

"Because one must produce,
one must by all possible means of activity replace nature
wherever it can be replaced,
one must find a major field of action for human inertia,
the worker must have something to keep him busy,
new fields of activity must be created,
in which we shall see at last the reign of all the fake manufactured products,
of all the vile synthetic substitutes
in which beatiful real nature has no part,
and must give way finally and shamefully before all the victorious substitute products
in which the sperm of all artificial insemination factories
will make a miracle
in order to produce armies and battleships."

Louis Kahn - Library, Competition for Washington University - 1956
via Infinite Interior

J. L. M. Lauweriks - Interior for Exhibition of Christian Art - 1910

John Russell Pope - Proposal for Lincoln Memorial - 1912
via An Architectural Humanism

Otto Kohtz - Reichshaus am Königsplatz - Berlin
via Ross Wolfe

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