Friday, 11 March 2016

'We love progress, but not yours'

"AGAINST . . .
10. - Pioneers suffering from arrested development, from success or from despair, pioneers sitting snug on their tight little islands, or vegetating in their oases refusing to resume the march, the pioneers who say: 'We love progress, but not yours'

F. T. Marinetti, C. R. W. Nevinson, Vital English Art, Lacerba, II, 14, July 1914

Paul Klee - Fire In The Evening - 1929
via Charnel House

Anni Albers - Wall Hanging - 1926

Josef Mueller Brockmann - Juni Festwochen poster - 1959

Oh, plenty of hope, an infinite amount of hope--but not for us.
Franz Kafka, statement to Max Brod, in in Franz Kafka: A Biography.

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